Aggreko is a major UK company providing power generators and climate control equipment globally.

STS was commissioned to carry out a full performance assessment of Aggreko’s Global Chiller.

Using the Star’s own chiller production and testing facility located next to Glasgow Airport, the Global Chiller was connected to a test rig which simulated various ambient temperatures and heat load conditions.

The aim of the exercise was to measure cooling performance and power consumption across a range of ambient and process temperatures over an extended period.  The assessments data was recorded for inclusion into the operating and maintenance manual.

After the performance assessment was satisfactorily completed, Aggreko engaged STS for further support to perform troubleshooting and design review exercises.  The impetus for these exercises was that one of Aggreko’s customers was already operating chillers below the design process temperature and in general Aggreko acknowledged general customer demand for their chiller to operate across a wider range of process temperatures.

STS performed chiller troubleshooting by fabricating a special temperation loop for connection to their standard test rig and carried out simulations focusing on low process temperatures.  Observations were made and data recorded which was included in a report.  The design review involved assessing all chiller components and making recommendations for component and control changes to suit the desired operating range

The report concluded that with minor modifications and a restriction on maximum ambient temperature conditions, the chillers could operate satisfactorily at a lower process temperature.

Aggreko Performance Assessment, Troubleshooting & Design Review