Energy Management


Whether in the specifying of new plant or improving and optimising the performance of existing systems, the STS team has decades of experience in the Energy Management of refrigeration systems. The largest cost element associated with owning refrigeration systems is the electrical energy consumed which typically accounts for 60% to 80% of the total cost of ownership. For a commercial or industrial refrigeration system this will run to many millions of pounds.

The greatest and easiest opportunity for minimising refrigeration plant energy consumption is at the specification and purchase phase of its life. Clearly defined technical specifications are the key to our clients achieving this. It is also our experience that most refrigeration systems that have not undergone operational optimisation for a period of time, generally offer opportunities for significantly improving performance and reducing energy costs. It is not unusual to find energy saving opportunities of the order of 10% to 30%, often with instantaneous or fast paybacks.

Consultant site inspection and analysis

An STS consultant will attend site and assess how the plant is operating via a visual inspection and using temporary monitoring devices. On the basis of the observations and analysis of the data, recommendations can be made on how to achieve energy savings. Often the changes required are cheap and easy to effect but will result in significant reduction in energy costs. It is advisable to make these assessments regularly to ensure plant operates optimally as much as possible.

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