Star Technical Solutions (STS) have developed Ethos an ongoing monitoring and plant optimisation device for refrigeration and HVAC equipment, which identifies efficiency problems and can save plant owners thousands of pounds in electricity bills. It effectively measures the gap between how the plant is operating and how it should be operating and identifies corrective actions to reduce the gap.

To enable the service, STS install sensors and an Ethos panel to the system. This sends information, via the built-in 4G mobile connection, to a web portal. This information can be accessed by means of an online dashboard which gives detail about plant performance.

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Our latest Ethos energy management brochure is available to download here. The major benefits and features of the Ethos system are outlined as well as important contact information.

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Campbell’s Prime Meat

“In August 2016 we planned to expand our production facility. We were not sure whether our existing refrigeration plant had sufficient capacity to handle the additional cooling duty required. Rather than taking a risk or buying additional equipment that maybe wasn’t necessary we employed Star Technical Solutions (STS) to assess our site’s cooling demand over a 2 week period. The assessment revealed that our existing equipment could comfortably handle the new production load. Star’s appraisal allowed us to capitalise on surplus capacity and avoid the unnecessary purchase of new equipment.”

Darrin Leslie Factory Manager

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