Institute of Refrigeration – President’s Address

At the beginning of January 2014, the President of the Institute of Refrigeration, Professor Graeme Maidment, gave his presidential address, titled, “Sustaining the Future – Inspiring a Generation.”

The abstract to the paper states:

“This paper provides evidence of the importance of our industry in terms of its socio-economic impact, where Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Heat Pumps (RACHP) are used and how much the RACHP industry contributes to the economy in the UK and elsewhere. It highlights the contribution we can make to global climate change and provides a vision for the future. The paper highlights that the RACHP industry presents a fantastic, well paid, long-term career opportunity but that there are potential skills shortages. Critical to our future development is our ability to inspire our younger members and to attract young people from different backgrounds into our industry.”

It is an insightful, thoughtful and well researched document, highlighting many of the issues facing our society, the contribution of the RACHP industry to these issues and how it might contribute to their solution.

For a download of the paper, go to:

Institute of Refrigeration – President’s Address