Tesco Refrigeration & Insulated Envelope Consultant: New UK Distribution Centres

Star Technical Solutions (STS) has worked with Tesco Stores Ltd for a number of years as a specialist consultant involved with a range of projects associated with refrigeration and insulated envelopes.

STS was the specialist refrigeration & insulated envelope consultant for the three most recent, temperature controlled DC’s built in the UK under the project titles Eagle, Ant and Hawk. The DC’s are large scale, circa 34,000m2, multi-temperature facilities, -21oC, +1oC & +12oC, situated in the north-west, south-west and south-east of England. The scope of services provided for these projects has included:

  • Working with the Client Design Team: Tesco PM, architect, structural engineers, M&E systems consultant to develop the concept, providing front end technical and cost data.
  • Preparation of a Technical Specifications and Schematic Drawings for the Refrigeration Plant & Insulated Envelopes, which act as the basis for acceptance at final handover.
  • Technical review of contractor tender submissions for both the Refrigeration Plant and the Insulated Envelope.
  • Attendance at Client Design Team Meetings and dealing with matters arising out of them prior to commencement of site works.
  • Attendance at Site Project Meetings during period of site works and dealing with matters arising out of them. The attendance at the Site Project Meetings includes an ongoing quality review of refrigeration plant and insulated envelope installations.
  • Attendance at the Refrigeration Plant and insulated envelope performance tests at completion of installation and commissioning.
  • Issuing of the Certificate of Completion for both the Refrigeration Plant and the Insulated Envelope.

A key client requirement has been to improve the efficiency of its facilities, with the lessons learned from one project being incorporated into the next. While at one level the projects appear similar in terms of size and scope, each site has incorporated a range of “Green Initiatives” which are developed from one project to the next, with technical evaluation and total costs of ownership assessments made to confirm their suitability for the individual sites.       

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